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Prepare for the big day

Our award winning private wedding dance classes provide you with as many lessons as you need in preparation for your big day.

Award winning Wedding Dance Studio


Private Wedding Dance Classes!

In the comfort of your own home where there are no mirrors to judge and you feel more relaxed being in a familiar environment. During the one hour class we want you to feel at ease the moment you start your lessons. 

We leave the song choice up to you, we then will tailor a dance where you feel confident and are able to build on the steps over time. We also offer our editing service where we can mix specific songs together to create the perfect tune. 

We recommend starting your lessons approximately 2 months before your wedding date; the last lesson is generally booked within the week of your wedding so it is fresh in your mind and where we can finalise the finishing touches of your dance.


We offer a combination of different parent dances too; we work closely with your family members to create a dance that is heartfelt and memorable. We can also incorporate your own children or bridal party, the options are endless!

Feeling a little overwhelmed with the planning?

We have a FREE wedding planning checklist to help, to access just click below:


Hen's Parties!

The moment we arrive our bride to be receives a gift bag full of goodies that they will absolutely love; it’s about spoiling them and making them feel special on their day. 

Our experienced instructors are professional and know how to get you feeling glamorous, teaching you all the signature moves.

During the one hour class each guest will be given a feather boa to practice with and will be taught a full choreographed routine that you’ll master with our help.

The easy to follow steps will make you want to learn more. The good thing is you don’t need to have any experience, just a willingness to let loose, have fun, laugh and give it a go.

Our top party themes include Burlesque, Great Gatsby, 1950's Style Pin-Up Girls, and the Beyoncé themed 'All The Single Ladies'.

We have FREE hens party and bridal shower checklists to help you plan below on our resources page:

Social Dance Classes

Our social dance lessons gives you an opportunity to spend quality time with your partner and connect with them in a very special way. These lessons are also held in the comfort of your own home. We provide all the music and one of our highly trained dance teachers, all you need to provide is the space.

Whether you have a special event coming up or you would like to learn some of the basic steps of ballroom, our lessons are tailored to suit all dance levels. 

Choose from one of our most popular dance styles such as Salsa, Waltz, Rock 'n Roll or Tango, or you can combine, the choice is yours.


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