Mums n Bubs

Get back in shape

Rejuvenate your body fitness!

Our Mums n Bubs classes is a complete workout consisting of simple and easy to follow dance movements done with your child. Our program focuses on enhancing your endurance, flexibility and muscle strength throughout the entire lesson. As well as the physical benefits, the opportunity to meet other mums in a fun and relaxed environment can boost your confidence and wellbeing. In the beginning of our lesson we focus on the importance on warming up our muscles correctly, yoga mats are provided at the end of each class for a cool down stretch.

Baby carriers are encouraged but are not essential. Please wear your gym gear and bring along a drink bottle to each lesson as it is important to stay hydrated during any exercise.

These classes are held weekly at the Turramurra Recreation Centre Dance Studio in Highbury from 11:00 am to 11:45 am.