Primary & Secondary

Schools (Preschool - Year 12)

We use the current National Australian Curriculum for all sessions run and work very closely with the teachers to build on these foundations that are very important for the students and their wellbeing!

During our programs the students will learn to put a combination of steps together, strengthen their social and physical skills, work with a partner and also experiment with different dance genres.

We incorporate the ‘High 5’ method which consists of listening, looking, mouths closed, respect for one another and most importantly having fun. With these practices in place our sessions run more smoothly and students are aware of the expectations of their dance lesson.

If you would like to practice the dances in between the sessions we will send you all the music via email so you can practice at your own leisure. During the course you are welcome to video the dances or take photos to help you and your students.

If you require any extra programs for vacation care we can plan classes according to your theme or we can organise one for you. We encourage all the students to interact with each other and develop their creativity. We also incorporate some dance games throughout the duration.

Our sessions are held weekly for approximately 50 minutes, frequency and time frames can be altered to suit your needs.

Secondary programs focus on Ballroom dances where the students learn various genres such as the Salsa, Quickstep and the Jive. Most dances are created where the students will progress onto another partner each time the dance starts again.

A social dance, whether it will be a formal or informal evening, gives the opportunity for students to demonstrate their new dance skills gained throughout our lessons.

We also teach the importance of manners and respect by getting the students to ask their partners to dance in the beginning of each lesson.

We can assist you with your upcoming event, we can help you recreate the dances learnt into a true performance which everyone will love or showcase the dances learnt over the course.
We specialise in the following-